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Thursday, 19 September 2013

DYM HWK1: Film Intro Analysis - The Lion King

Film Intro Analysis

My film intro choice is Disney's The Lion King, 1994, a world famous animated epic musical drama. It takes place in the South of Africa, identified by the traditional Zulu singing, combined with lyrics in English for more of the audience to understand.

What happens?
We first see a beautiful red sunrise over the African Savanna, then animals waking, travelling and then ordering themselves, standing to attention of something we do not yet see, indicating an important event is about to happen. As we are shown a variety of African birds and mammals moving in harmony we, as the audience are taken through epic, encapsulating scenery of mountains, waterfalls, rivers and hills in wide angle and birds eye view shots. This takes us to a huge erratic rock which we are taken to over the shoulder of a hornbill (Zazu) to see a Lion standing tall atop it. We cut to animals bowing to a baboon (Rafiki) as he climbs the rock to embrace the 'Lion King' (Mufasa), then see the mother lion with a new born cub (Simba). Rafiki proceeds to carry Simba to the edge of the rock and present him to the audience of animals, who cry out and cheer in joy, and then bow as a scenic shot ends the opening sequence by widening until cutting to the title in red over a black background. 

The order of events is quite significant to the story telling in this film intro because it ends with a very important event; the presentation of Simba, son of the 'King' who is the film's protagonist. The structure of the intro leading up to him in this single event identifies his major importance.

We are not yet given names of the characters that we see here, but their role in 'society' in the film is instantly clear, as the introduction to The Lion King has no dialogue but is extremely visual, largely through shot composition. Rafiki the baboon is a servant of the King, a shaman, which we may be able to interpret from his staff, Mufasa is the King over all the other animals, clear to see from how he stands atop the rock looking down on everyone. Simba is the royal child, presented to all as a future King as all bow to him.

Although our protagonist is almost certainly identified, the narrative behind his life and growing up is so far withheld to anchor the audience into watching further. We do not know what problems he might face but we want to experience the story of his life.

At the start of this film the audience need to know which are the major characters, an idea of the setting, and the genre of the film, all of which I believed are conveyed well to the audience. They need to know these films for the sake of expectations, but also to find that appeal to watch on.

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