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Thursday, 19 September 2013

BLK HWK 1: Shot Reflection

Shot Analysis Homework

1) "Describe your shot and identify in what way it could be described as representing your chosen genre"

This shot is a tilted frame MS of my classmate Brandon, holding a (fake) gun towards the camera. The genre I was aiming for it to represent was an 'urban' style film, for example, the likes of Kidulthood and Shank.

2) "What did you actually do to achieve the effect?"

I used a tilted frame shot to convey an eerie, uncomfortable feel to it, as well as a garage door background, which connotes an urbanized, city backstreets environment. To add to the same effect the subject has a hood up and a hand on it, pulling it hood forward to darken and disguise his face. Along with this the sinister look in his eyes and the gun pointing menacingly outwards signifies danger, violence and crime.

3) "Identify what is successful about your shot"

Despite very few takes on this specific shot it came out quite well; I believe I achieved the genre I was aiming for and the way I wanted the character to look. The way the hand and the gun point in the camera's direction make them seem larger than they actually are, which unintentionally makes the shot more powerful, giving it a focus on the prop most important to the genre.

4) "What would you do differently in hindsight?"

In hindsight I could have been more successful in this task if I had planned my shot with more scrutiny. In terms of detail I had worked out location, prop and costume but had not decided on camera angle and distance, which meant I spent time moving around the set during the day of the shooting trying different things, but without the time to perfect I aimed for quantity, hoping to find quality within that. Also I would've tried to take the shot in a way that blocked out some of the natural light, as a lower-key lit shot would prove more effective, specifically in my intended genre.

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