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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Using the Internet to Promote a Movie Release in the UK: Desolation of Smaug - Case Study Research

Using the Internet to Promote a Movie Release in the UK

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Example 1)

Obviously expecting photos to go viral, Warner Bros constructed a 'life-size' dragon head erupting out of a section of pavement in Romania. I came across images and articles on a few news sites and also social media, where word of mouth and sharing promotion from the audience would raise awareness in reaction to the sculpture. This use of below the line marketing aims to target anyone where it was made, in particular fans of The Hobbit book who are interested to see the portrayal of Smaug unveiled, possibly to compare it with their own personal visualisation. Frequent internet users of social media sites such as Facebook and Tumblr are also reached, in knowledge of how much content in produced, uploaded and shared by fans, with Tolkien/Middle Earth fans having a famously huge fanbase. It is a valuable marketing opportunity because, although expensive its viral potential is massive, it is immersive and involving, and reaches broad audiences of all the different types of people in the area it is displayed.

Example 2)

Ed Sheeran's single I See Fire was released as the soundtrack for the credits of The Desolation of Smaug as a digital download, under label WaterTower Music. Director Peter Jackson and producer/co writer Fran Walsh were searching for an artist to record a song for the film's end credits when their daughter Katie suggested Ed Sheeran, who she was a fan of. They went to approach meet and him while he was touring New Zealand, and he accepted the proposition, coincidentally finding out he was a fan of The Hobbit. It quickly appeared in big music magazines such as Rolling Stone and articles all over the internet. Warner Bros. Pictures and Peter Jackson both uploaded a video of Sheeran performing the track, their combined fame giving it millions of views. Ed Sheeran's huge popularity reaches out this below the line marketing to his fans, as well as any fans of acoustic or folk style music of all ages, many of which are female but not exclusively. It is valuable because of the huge audience it can reach to raise awareness. The whole of YouTube can see it and Sheeran brings some more female appeal to the film. It is viral short form content with worldwide potential, and easy to view/listen to on virtually any device with internet, such as phones.

Example 3)

Warner Bros. Pictures released a 'Sneak Peak', 2 trailers and 3 TV Spots for the film, which feature on its website. They have already featured in cinemas and on television anticipating the film's release. On TV the trailers have been broadcast on many different channels and programmes purposefully to reach and appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Typically above the line marketing, they will take up a large proportion of the film's huge marketing budget, but hugely promote the brand. As well as being released on TV where the can target specific audiences they also feature on the film's website and YouTube channel. This attempts to reach an extremely wide audience - multiple wide groups of people who watch TV but also internet users in its easily accessible, short form style content. It is valuable for raising enormous awareness worthy of the financing required, it reaches global audiences as well as national, while potentially exciting and entertaining the anticipating audience.

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