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Friday, 29 November 2013

Using the Internet to Promote a Movie Release in the UK: Kill Your Darlings - Case Study Research

Using the Internet to Promote a Movie Release in the UK

Kill Your Darlings

Example 1)

Interview with director John Krokidas about his upcoming film, by collider.com, a film website. It is an example of below the line marketing, attempting to reach those passionate about film who also use the internet, likely between the late teens to those in their 30's. The target audience would likely be quite educated and progressive due to the themes of the film and the language used, but also of good humour; Krokidas states "I promise you there will be a wand in his hand by the end of the movie" when told by agents that Daniel Radcliffe could not star in a film as anything but a wizard. The interview posted online is a valuable marketing opportunity because 'cookies' could help potential audience members become aware of Kill Your Darlings. The website has many tens of thousands of 'likes' on its Facebook page, so Collider's popularity would undoubtedly push recognition of the film onto people's news feeds. It reaches specific types of people globally whilst informing and entertaining them, and would also be extremely cheap to do.

Example 2)

A promotional event in the form of a cut-up art exhibition run by The Works associated and running in synergy with features of the film. I found information on it on the website for British independent movie magazine Little White Lies, though many similar sites as well as known newspapers also showcased its coming. As the exhibition is ran and funded by the institutions behind Kill Your Darlings it is classed as above the line marketing. This interesting, valuable marketing technique is as such because it targets multiple enthusiastic niche audiences. Poetry and cut-up art extend to those who have interpreted the style into their music such as Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and Thom Yorke. Groups of creatively passionate people, imaginably many of which who could be A Level or university students, will be drawn to the prospect of this exhibition. Students and lovers of art, music, photography, literature and design and anyone desperate to meet Daniel Radcliffe would find this appealing. Posts of fan-made pieces were sent to the film's Facebook and Twitter accounts (#KYDcutUp), and a YouTube video was posted asking for audience artwork. Involving the audience in the film's themes is an excellent way to get them in the mindset to watch it, and the viral potential of the artwork could inspire others to also watch it.

Example 3)

An article in the Metro, a daily British newspaper which also features online, on their own website. Another example of below the line marketing, it will reach commuters (who the Metro is aimed at specifically), specifically Londoners. This article specifically brings up his sex scene, something that can spark gossip in readers, so fans of celebrity 'juice' will find appeal in the article, particularly those of Daniel Radcliffe also. The gossip broadcasted to an audience of millions is likely to be noticed due to the big name, and spread via word of mouth, marketing the film subliminally. It is also a valuable opportunity because it is free publicity to a huge variety of people - cheap even as below the line marketing goes.

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