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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

3) Are you pleased with the footage and your edit? Is it how you expected it to look?

Despite the occasional grievance with a small number of particular shots, overall we obtained excellent footage on the day, especially when you take into consideration that most of the cast including myself had little to no acting experience, and many had reservations and lacked confidence prior to shooting. We only had one day to take footage and with cast and crew with varying professional experience, so the quality of the results reflect an excellent attitude to the task by all. Most real music videos have longer to shoot - often a few days - and all have planning far more in advance. Some of the setups we took footage from had to be altered towards what was available to us, so for practicality reasons we could not get a car upstairs in our school's studio, but luckily with connections of the department we borrowed a motorbike of a similar, 'vintage' style.


The edit started well, in a group of 3 where most were pairs generally meant we would have individually edited for slightly less time overall however we all contributed well and with a lot of time. After not being observed as being as hands on as my group I was separated to finish the edit alone - a big challenge but one I relished given how far my confidence in editing has come in the past 3 years of media studies. I am generally pleased with my edit given the limited time available to complete it. Without being overly perfectionist I reached a good standard of grading as well.

It is how I expected to look and better; I have grown to expect an excellent standard in work from our school's media department. The hardest part to meet high expectations was with the grading, which I was more new to than the rest of the editing because although I hadn't edited in the same way before with performance beds and synching with separate audio, it came to me quite naturally and used principles I already knew well - whereas previously I had stayed away from editing out of lack of understanding and confidence with it. This was the first time I had really graded independently but I picked it up quickly and exceeded my own expectations in making our footage look more accurate. This can be witnessed below with my graded footage compared with the real video, where the colour in the footage has been improved quite significantly from the original footage.

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