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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Personal Achievement

Personal Achievement

What did you personally want to get out of the whole A2 Prelim experience?

I look forward to having completed a product, hopefully one to a high standard and one I feel I played a significant role in. Lighting, camera and other technical aspects are areas I would like to learn more about and involve myself in.

Is it a challenge for you, or within your comfort zone?

I have experienced much of the music video process once before in helping former A2 students with their own video and starring in it, so more comfortable than I would have been without this experience, however pretending to play an instrument I cannot actually play, right handed (I'm left handed), is challenging and uncomfortable.

Have you achieved or learnt anything so far?

The importance of focusing to the camera when performing is key in music videos, as I learn more throughout, whereas previously when acting on camera I did not have to focus on it or face it. I've also found this experience far different from performing 'live' with instruments like we are pretending to.

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