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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Idea Inspirations

Here are some music videos I liked and as a result may influence the direction in which I take my A2 music video project. Both the songs and videos will be within the currently quite broad lines of styles and final products I would like to create. 

Enter Shikari are one of my favourite bands as they ambitiously mix genres of music. Their sense of humour as well as serious view of the world is displayed in this video.

Things I like about it:

- New/contemporary

- Mixture of band performance and acting with symbolism (things going wrong while acting as though all is well)
- Comic/parody style
- Uses costume unlike many normal videos
- Multiple genres in one song
- Revolution themed lyrics; "we'll take you down!" (in the bridge)
- Progressively goes from normal and sane to more erratic, with quick cutting, flashing lights and white noise/no signal TV effects on screen
- High energetic, quite insane male performance; I could picture myself in a similar role
- Achievable yet effective special effects


- Multiple sets
- Sets in public locations

A recent video from a song I heard not too long ago through being on an advert, I really liked it and watched its music video to find it quite inspiring
Things I like about it:

- New/contemporary
- Powerful, moving music
- Simple yet powerful closeups
- All in one set
- Lyrics relatable to an audience I know and can use due to coming of age theme; people around my age

- Really strong symbolic concepts and imagery; struggling with life as it literally pulls him away, woman acting disproportionately unphased by boy's suffering but he cannot even hear her offering him help, she also eventually leaves him to his suffering
- Impacting but achievable effects such as slow motion


- Shot in public
- Symbolic images like boy being pulled may be difficult to recreate. However I like the challenge of thinking of other ways of displaying symbolism

An all time favourite music video. This band have no limits too humiliating themselves for the sake of comedy and love of music.

Things I like:

- I'd love to create a similar ridiculousness and effect on my audience as this had on me
- Has some ambitious parts to use in an A2 piece but nowhere I can't take inspiration from or do similar
- Simple concept
- Plays with costume in a way that I would consider doing for a comic effect
- Unique type of performance; not a standard 'band trying to be cool' video


- Some expletives and inappropriate parts

- Minor pyrotechnics and physical effects
- I really like the concept of an audience who become in awe and hysterics but having to cast multiple people can be problematic
- A similar bar&stage set may take some work to create
- Limited sub-genre to choose music from as it is obvious comedy

Another favourite video from my childhood, it combines all types of music videos in a hybrid

Things I like:

- Mixture of concept, narrative and performance
- Excellent storytelling and easy to sympathise with protagonist
- Draws emotion both from the lyrics, music and story combined
- An appropriate style of music that I would be confident in generally working with 

- Quality grading
- Use of imagery and symbolism


- Multiple sets, quite complex setups
- Difficult to maintain lighting due to it being set a lot outdoors

Things I like:

- Very strong sense of performance
- The idea of band members strung up like puppets is a cool idea
- The lighting and grading is very stylistic of pop punk/emo genre and particularly effective
- Becomes increasingly passionate/crazy; an idea I'd like to take on, building up to either a climax or a final chorus

 the pretender misery business gives you hell bite my tongue playing god

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