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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Website Flat Plans and Development

During group meetings we looked at websites from some of our inspired artists and found a lot of things we liked from the contrasting websites of Jhene Aiko and The Weeknd.

Josh laid out a digital rough plan of the pages once we'd decided the key elements (colour, style, pages to include):

The basic outline plus the content and layout of the homepage - Roza's image and style being sold by her twitter, her music being sold by the album cover and her tour tickets being sold by gig advertising. Everything in mind to bring our artist success and give the audience opportunity to consume.

The gallery page allows the audience to get involved even more, and get a sense of style and personality in tandem with the Twitter account. Some of the proposed behind the scenes sections would have a similar effect.

The news page would be not only giving the latest in Roza's activities but also helping to sell her performances and music - this works with news since the album coming out and the tour that would follow is upcoming, the release and tour are product but also an event in their own right. Plus, any opportunity to consume must be given to the audience to aid our artist's success. The bio will give a clear sense of Roza's character and personality, so the audience can feel more involved and have a personal connection. Her entire persona is sold as well as her music, all together in one. Just like with Beyonce or Lady Gaga, the music is only one part of why their fans are so passionate.

The contact page is also an easy way to get involved, inviting the audience to interact with the artist - even hinting that they could be involved in one of Roza's own songs. This makes them far more likely to take the opportunity to do so, and allowing her own close fans (that become so in this way) to self promote using word of mouth and social media sharing as members of our audience definitely would if they had any involvement with an artist they liked.

7 out of 10 of the most followed accounts on the whole of Twitter are music artists. Their number of Tweets show that they are active users and the huge number of followers shows that their fans are also active users and want to hear from the artist. Regardless of genre, the fans of these artists are most prominently in our core audience age; mid teens to young adults.

A quick search instantly found a tweet from an audience member stating their 'claim to fame' with any involvement possible with the artist

Yssy and Harry proposed the idea of, like The Weeknd keeping to a fairly simplistic, bold, black and white style like that which we had used for the album cover, meaning the two could work in synergy as part of a consistent brand, which we all agreed on. This is reflected in Josh's plans (above) that came after this, right down to our final website.

The colour scheme and effortless style of this website was something we drew inspiration from:
Our navigation indicates clear inspiration from The Weeknd's website. The style is similar so we made the navigation link to the page you are on highlight itself...
...whereas on The Weeknd's, when you enter another page subtitle on the banner changes to let you know.

Josh and I were also quite fond of Jhene Aiko's website's more personal touch, which we felt The Weeknd had less of. I believe this reflected the trend that female PBR&B artists were more in touch with their emotions, mentioned back in my artist post earlier into the process. In particular I personally liked her written bio on her homepage as it gave an extremely strong sense of what the artist behind the music is actually like. 

Emotive writing on Jhene's website, her personality promoted as an important part of her as an artist.
I took charge of writing Roza's website bio as I am a fairly confident writer
I felt able to write in a style that was not my own because, working on Roza's Twitter I had a good sense of what some similar artists would write like, including Jhene from her bio. It is highly cliche and quite 'soppy', and made in a way that audience members can relate
A quick compilation I made exhibiting some of the ways PBR&B artists write on Twitter similar to the bio I wrote for Roza, inspired by this sort of style as well as Jhene's, which is also full of cliche

Another thing we planned (and executed) was a landing page for our artist. This also shows resemblance with Jhene Aiko's website and many other music artists' websites:

  • When you open the Weeknd's website the first thing that you see is the music video to 'Often', his most recent song being promoted. This must be closed to take you to the rest of the website
  • For JMSN's website his tour is advertised straight away, the first thing appearing on entry being the dates and locations as well as the tour's running image (of the artist)
  • And on Jhene's the album cover comes up first with a link to purchase it, this again is what you face before entering the rest of the site

JMSN advertising his upcoming tour, which starts in January and runs until March

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