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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Shoot Day 5 - 11/11/14

Telling the boyfriend to leave her alone

This shoot day was used to capture footage for the club scene (first take), Tasha's dancing, the drumming shots, and the hair flick shot.

We confirmed our cast for the clubs well in advance by speaking in person and via texts to remind them. Since this day was when the school was celebrating remembrance, all of sixthform were dressed smartly, fitting our idea for the club scene; we did not have to organise everybody's costume or worry about some forgetting. Just in case too many of our extras dressed too similarly i.e. white shirts and black trousers, I brought two extra shirts in  two shirts and a pair of 

jeans, however these were not needed                                                                                                                                                             
Arriving at the club and greeting friends
We used the minimum amount of people possible to reenact a club environment so with the 9 we had it was important to fill the frame so it wouldn't seem empty. To the right is one of the practice shots with Harry and Yssy just arrived at the club, Josh on the camera, with me directing outside the shot using hand gestures aiming to get people close enough to the camera that it did not seem staged, before acting in the real shots.

Setup started at 1345 and we were shooting by around 1425 and finished with the club cast at 1545 as planned so we kept them content, leaving the possibility of reshooting (which we did) since they had confidence in our planning to time. Next were the silhouette shots starring Tasha, who was scheduled to arrive at 1630, allowing us to prepare the infinity-white backdrop and reconfigure the lighting. The track's complex beat make it difficult to dance to, but because we had sent Tasha the song 2 weeks in advance she was able to work out a few routines.

She showed us a practice run without the camera, and then we took 2 takes of her showcasing what she had planned (with 10 minute breaks for rest as this was very intense), and we were really pleased with the result.

Harry pointed out that it would be useful to capture some more slow, fluid dancing to fit the calmer parts of the song, and Tasha agreed to two more takes of this. The gif just above is an example of this, and a mixture of vigorous and smooth dancing made the final video.

Prior to this shoot I had already put myself forward for the drumming, while Harry, Yssy and Josh all gave directions. We set up the camera and lighting together and blacked out the studio again aside for spotlighting the individual drums, and faced the playback monitor in my direction so I could see what it looked like water cling film spray bottle

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