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Matthew Romo (1660) from Group 2. The other embers of my group are Harry Kettenis (0390), Josh Stevenson (0796) and Ysabel Hudson-Searle (0331).

Hopefully navigation should not be an issue on my blog; 'labels' on the right hand side near the top will direct you to groups of posts from specific areas. Research and Planning, Production, and Evaluation work should all be available to see under their respective A2 labels. The other labels will direct you to work from my AS level and preliminary activities for A2.

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Finally, I hope you enjoy observing and assessing my work as much as I did creating it.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


This our group's steal-o-matic; a montage of parts of music videos that have inspired our project. It is effectively a video mood-board including lighting, artist image, interactions between characters, use of editing like reverse and slow motion shots, and themes. Some of the specific parts of our inspirations are highlighted with text to clarify what we liked about them. We downloaded the individual videos using youtubeinmp4.com and inserted them onto a timeline on Adobe Premiere Pro to cut these parts into the steal-o-matic.

It does not represent our project in terms of structure but more in the sense of shot types, techniques, editing; essentially things that we like, whereas many of the more specific ideas for shots we would like to achieve, as well as their actual structure in a video, will be presented later in the animatic.

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