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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Shoot Day 3 - 3/11/14

Our group all had a few free periods on the first day back from half term, making it a good day to book the school's studio. During school-time we were not all available together for most of it apart from the double lesson of media we had, spent in the studio, plus shooting at lunchtime, but our free periods were compatible in the sense that were would always be at least two of us there. Still, any studio time we got in school was quite broken up by lessons so progress was fairly slow. However if cast members were not present, the group members in the studio remained productive; setting up the next shot, planning the use of time for the rest of the day, and looking back over acquired footage.

This shot featuring in the final video showcases the stark contrast 
between light and shadow, further brought out by successful grading

The first shot we acquired was the silhouette shot with Yssy lipsynching in front of the ominous shadow played by Josh. The idea was that it represented her past and her inner demons and negative feelings following her. Josh and Yssy worked to choreograph the interactions and movement and with a few practices created a routine, and I directed the shot moving, in front and behind the sheet which we clipped up to a frame to create the effect.

Footage we didn't quite get right (Part 1)
and Part 2

On the left you can see Yssy responding to my direction to move into the centre to be in line with Josh as was desired. After this in the routine Josh lowers himself down out of the shot as if he has been 'fought away' by Roza after succumbing to the silhouette's implied torture of her on the inside. This took a few takes to get right as seen above, as one one take Josh didn't quite get out smoothly, however after a few more takes we got it right and achieved some powerful footage.

Next came the fire projection shots. We had to test these first to get an idea as to whether they would work so we rehearsed it on a smaller scale inside our media classroom with a projector and the lights off and curtains closed. We could not cancel out as much light as we would be able to in the studio but the result looked like it might be able to work, so we went ahead with it.

The fire looked far better in the studio where we had far more space to play with distance and create quite a spectacular shadow behind Yssy but when we looked back on the footage the colour didn't quite translate to the screen, as we had used the Canon HF G30 which struggles to pick up colour in a dark environment without parts appearing dull and grainy. The moving colours of the fire also affected its ability to focus.

HF G30 footage did not appear vibrant and sharp enough

We were still quite adamant to get the shot to work as we were really fond of the idea. We knew we did not have great finance or resource to make it perfect like our inspiration for the shot in Rihanna's we found love, where Rihanna

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